Below are some of the materials we use during our hardscape / landscape construction.  If there is a material that you desire and it is not listed here, please give us a call.  We are committed to meeting your requirements.


Bluestone pavers are a type of natural stone and is a great choice for patios, walkways and other outside areas. Because it is a dense stone, it is an excellent selection to withstand the brutal winters of the Seacoast. Bluestone pavers normally come in all shapes and sizes of squares and rectangles. However they are also available in irregular shapes that are sometimes better suited to rustic designs. Contact us today to find out how this unique stone can be part of your landscape.

Bricks & Pavers

Paving bricks are designed to withstand heat and freezing temperatures along with snow and rain. Paving bricks come in relatively standard sizes and colors. Because of this, there is a wide variety of design patterns available when using paving bricks. They have a timeless quality and would fit in almost any setting. Holt Construction can show you some examples of various designs using bricks in driveways and walkways. Call us today.


Granite is a strong stone due to the mineral grains melting and forming over a very long and slow cooling period. Granite is known to be harder than steel. This makes granite desirable for structural as well as ornamental purposes. Granite is used for many different types of outdoor features from retaining walls to driveways to steps. Please view our Gallery to see various projects in granite.

Natural / Native Stone

Native Maine stone and natural fieldstone are some of the materials we use when constructing a new hardscape design. These materials can be used for steps, walkways, firepits, water features, seating, retaining walls and many other areas of the landscape. Email or call us today to find out how we can use this natural material in your design.